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Interested in  participating in our annual cosplay contest?

There are three categories that are available based on %-handmade cosplay:

Casuals, Smol Potato, and Grizzled Veteran.

Judging will be based on the criteria below.

Please be sure to read our Rules and Guidelines for your respective age group,

as well as our Dress and Weapon Code of Conduct before hand.

Cosplay Contest Categories

Smol Potato

All participants cosplay must be at least 20%-40% handmade.

Grizzled Veteran

All participants cosplay must be at least 50%-100% handmade.


Unjudged and low maintenance. If your cosplay is below 20% handmade and you just want to strut your stuff, this is the category for you!


Contest start

1:00 PM


1:10 PM

Smol Potato

1:15 PM

Grizzled Veteran

1:30 PM

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