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Fandom Fest SWMI 2024 Transparency letter

Hello Fandom Fest Attendees and Fans!

2024 marks our six year anniversary doing Fandom Fest, and while we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, it has always been a blast to see your faces, old and new. 

After Covid, our little co-op of libraries have seen many staff changes and changes in general, and not all of them could stick around. That’s why this year, you may notice a significant change in the convention area. 

In the name of transparency, we simply did not have the funds, or Fandom Fest staff, to go all out as we – and we’re sure you! – would have liked. While the most iconic parts of the con will still be available, such as;

  • Vendor booths

  • Food trucks

  • Presenters

  • 21+ bar

  • Tabletop and video gaming

  • Cosplay

  • Makerspace hobby

There are a few aspects that you won’t see, or see a significant change in this year, such as; 

  • Breakout sessions 

  • Additional rooms for video and board gaming

  • The mainstage for the film fest viewings and cosplay contest

  • Additional rooms for the Makerspace hobby

  • A shortage of on-hand staff and volunteers

  • Large screens for viewing other areas of the con

  • A stage for presentations and the cosplay contest

We ask for your understanding and patience while we work through this year, and we hope to bring you an even better experience in the next and following years!

Thank you, and we hope to see to infinity and beyond!

Fandom Fest SWMI Team and participating libraries


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